Monday, July 13, 2009


Eat more of them.

I think very few people eat enough vegetables.

Do you eat 4 serves a day?

1 serve is equivalent to 1 medium tomato or 1 carrot or a cup of broccoli or cup of beans.

Think about it, how many have you eaten today.

No don't count those potatoes. Potatoes are a vegetable but nutritionally they are closer to a traditional carbohydrate, like bread or rice. Same with corn.

Have you eaten, 1 to 2 serves of leafy green vegetables?

I can say no to both questions.

When I eat enough vegetables and that doesn't have to mean 4 serves a day, usually 2 or 3, I find a lot of my cravings for junk food go away.

I could throw up a heap of theories to say why, but I don't know why for certain, I just know it is true.

Try it, eat more vegetables.

I eat at least 1 serve of vegetables a day usually with dinner. My guaranteed 1 serve is actually better than a lot of people. I often have a snack of vegetables when I think about it, or drink a V8 tetra pack, to try to bring it up my vegie intake.

I don't think you can eat too many vegetables. ( not including potatoes )

If you have reduced your calorie intake and are having hunger cravings, eat vegetables.

In fact be careful about any diet that leaves you feeling hungry. If you are eating a balanced diet you should be eating a heap of food everyday and you shouldn't be hungry.

Yesterday I ate:

natural muesli and skim milk
instant coffee with skim milk
2 handfuls of trail mix (nuts and dried fruit)
1 ham and low fat cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread.
1 tomato, chopped cucumber, chopped celery.
skinny flat white
1 mandarin.
cous cous, chicken and snow pea
a tub of low fat yoghurt.
Lots of water.

That is a fair whack of food and the vegetables were an important component. My daily intake of vegetables, 2 and 1/2 serves.

Yesterday was a good example of how I would like to eat everyday, but I could still eat more vegetables.

Eating vegetables doesn't mean not eating meat, in fact you don't have to give up anything to eat more vegetables. Most vegetables have a very low calorie count and some take more calories to digest than the give you.

Personally, I think every vegetable gives you so much dietary gain, that they should be considered a free food, a food you can eat as much of without consequence. Just watch out for the dressings and cooking them in fat.

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