Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lift weights, be strong

So today we did a weights session. Iason (my hubby and now known as head torturer) and me that is.

We have noticed that I am the only woman we have seen using the weights at our gym. In fact, it seems that in general women don't like doing weights.

I guess, even I was a bit intimidated. Especially when Iason decided I should do the shoulder press at a higher weight. I could feel my neck tensioning and I was suddenly afraid. An incredibly huge fear born from vanity. What if I get a giant neck?

I don't want a giant neck.

Well, of course these things are reversible. If I get a giant neck doing the shoulder press, I can stop doing the shoulder press.

Is this what stops women from doing weight?

Maybe it isn't the only thing.

Once I had stopped being so silly and got into the workout. Iason started pushing me harder. It wasn't long till I was doing some exercises till failure point. Where your muscles refuse to push anymore. He of course did the spotter thing and give me just a tiny bit of help at this point. Still we pushed. I grunted, I groaned and I felt strong. Although, truly the weights I am doing aren't exactly the sort of weights someone strong would be doing. Still, you get my point.

Maybe women don't like the grunting or the pain. It really is about pushing your limits a little each time.

Certainly don't over do it, but I know myself that I would prefer to take it easy. Go to the gym and only get a bit sweaty because it hurts when I push hard. My muscles shake, my breathing is hard, sometimes I get a stitch, but this is where the real gains are gotten.

I am afraid of pain, which is silly because I have given birth to two children and done numerous things where I have needed to push through the pain barrier.

Gah, am I saying no pain, no gain? No, I don't think I am.

I am not saying you can't lose weight or get fitter without it. In fact I know you can. I have dropped several dress sizes just by walking daily and eating right, but if you want to reach that next level, you need to work to it.

I guess it is a bit of a process, push hard till that is easy, plateau and then push hard again. That process may involve a bit of pain.

I am approaching my 40's and I don't want my health to stop me from living my life. I have chosen a career path that requires that I keep fit, so for me it is a necessity (Army). I am pleased it is as I get all the other benefits from good health, such as looking good.

Doing weights is a great way to exercise. You build muscle, you build strength. Women lose muscle as we age and this leads to all sorts of problems.

Best of all, the muscle mass you have the more calories you burn. Trim and lean, hey that would be pretty good at almost 40.

So I am not going to complain when Iason pushes me hard when we do weight training.

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