Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Gym work out 1

So we went to the gym. Hubby is feeling sick so he took it pretty easy.

We probably wouldn't have gone except we had to sign up today to get an offer where we don't have to pay the join up fee.

I need to change the mentality that just because Hubby isn't going I don't go. I like going with him, but it won't hurt to go occasionally with out him.

It is up to him if he goes when I can't.

I'm not a big believer in working out no matter what. You need to listen to your body, it will get stronger, faster and leaner without breaking it. A bit of pain, the sort where your lungs start to scream or your muscles start to shake is OK, but other pain is not. I often feel a bit sick if I work hard, also not a real problem.

Sharp shooting pain, like pulling a muscle is not good and can lead to long term problems, some times in other parts of your body.

I recommend stretching and massage. MMMM I love massage, but it can get expensive.

Tonight, I felt a bit sore, probably because I had been rock climbing with the kids during the day.

Now when I say I have been rock climbing, I only climbed twice myself. The rest of the time was spent spotting the kids, belaying them. Even so, I worked my muscles, especially my upper body as I have been feeling it ever since.

So, when I jumped on the treadmill like I normally do, my legs felt heavier than normal, tired. I didn't do level 9 for 13 minutes, instead I did it for 5, then dropped down to 8 for the rest of my run.

Next I jumped on the bike, 15 minutes, level 6, 95 rpm and I pushed my heart rate up to 160.

Still I didn't feel like I had worked that hard.

Next, my Nemesis, the rowing machine. I like this machine because I feel it works my entire body, but I am in no way good at it. 10 minutes on it, swapping from the normal grip to an underhand grip to work my biceps.

I still felt bad for not going hard on the treadmill. At this point though hubby had stopped, he was feeling ill and had a slight headache.

5 minutes on the elliptical machine, this time I pushed hard. level 6 again with a speed of 11 - 12, I felt my breathing become heavy, ragged. I kept going, my throat now hurts. I am not sure why but that happens when I work to my extremes.

2 minute cool down and a quick stretch. Mostly for the muscles that I worked while rock climbing.

I feel great now. I have achieved what I wanted to achieve. I did come home hungry, so I made myself some untoasted muesli and low fat yoghurt.

Diet could have been better today, but wasn't too bad. My only big mistake was my white bread toast, margarine and honey, for breakfast. I love it, but it is a lot of kilo joules. There are better breakfasts.

I had a double handful of trail mix for a snack, 1 mandarin, lean chicken and salad on wholemeal for dinner and a cheese and ham toastie for lunch.

3 cups of coffee, my usual daily intake, which I have no intention of changing. I love my coffee and always will.

Now time to relax.

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