Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday stuff

Well today was a bit of a lazy day.

Mum and I went for a swim and a steam room. Then we had lunch. After dropping her off (around 2pm) I toddled over to uni to pick up a text book. Then I headed home, where I crashed on the couch.

I am definitely solar powered and the sun never properly came out today. So all I feel like doing is staying inside curled up with a book.

So far, I have eaten well today, although tonight is pizza and I am only limited to 2 slices. Lets see how I go.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More stuff

Well I have been running my route at university, 2 days in a row now.

It is a really nice run, although my body is complaining now. I hate that despite eating well and exercising heaps more I haven't lost any weight. It is always the way with me. Weight loss is incredibly slow, but I do know that eventually I get there. It is just a I have quite a way to go.

Guardianship papers are nearly finished, I just need to talk to my sister.
I need to get some cash out for L's excursion tomorrow morning. Luckily, I will have the time with the only thing I need to do is to go swimming with Mum, well the only official thing. I still have to clean, cook, wash and study.

I haven't been able to ride to uni the last 2 days due to clashes. Monday I stay at uni and go straight to college. I don't leave until about 9pm so that combined with needing to take armor with me makes riding impractical. At the moment I have a late lecture on Tuesdays, which means I need to get home in about 2ominutes so as to get J to his training. Unfortunately I can't ride that fast, I am not sure I ever will.

So thursday will be my only day of riding this week. Friday I have swimming with Mum in the afternoon, so I go straight from Uni to the hospital, where I collect Mum and drive to the pool. Unless, I get a bike for Mum, riding is impractical that day as well.

Eventually though, tuesdays lectures will move and I will be at uni on wednesdays, so I will get 3 days a week of riding in. Combined with regular runs, I will be definitely be getting fitter.

Still, it isn't bad to start off a bit slow after a long break. I know my body is in a bit of shock at the moment.

Now all we need to organise is for Y to see a doctor about his ankle and fix his bike.

Then we will both be doing a lot more exercise.

I think I am starting to get a routine that works. This makes me very happy.

Upcoming Events:
Friday evening, family games night
Saturday: soccer, gardening, little planes
Sunday: rugby, fighter training.
Monday: Physio appointment

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What it is all about.

Yesterday was awesome.

It started with L's soccer. The game was very fun and the boys played really well. I think Mum quite enjoyed it as well. Then we had lunch at my place. Very yummy chicken and avocado sandwiches.

Next, L and I went for a ride around Ginninderra creek. It was lovely. The sun was low in the sky and everything was beautiful and green.

The wonderful day was finished off with a visit to a friends place. Sitting talking and drinking tea. I couldn't ask for more.

Things to do:

Guardianship papers for mum
organise a doctors appointment
lots of housework that probably won't happen.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

lazy friday?

So today has been super packed.

The usual 7.30am start, making lunch for the boys and myself, helping the boys get breakfast and getting them ready for school.

School run, then onto university. With the bike still in the car, I rode from the carpark which is about a km from uni and had enough time to claim my locker.

Then to my first lecture. It was engineering law, which is an interesting topic, taught by a lecturer with a big personality. This is both good and bad. The lecture was purely introduction, but gave a feel for the style and prepared us for what we will expect in this course which is different to most of our other courses. Of course, my next course was also not a typical engineering subject. Engineering management was also different and interesting. I had managed to get a coffee after the 2 hour law lecture and take something for the tension headache that developed so I was a bit more interactive in management than law.

Then I would normally have signals, but today was cancelled for some reason. This gave me an opportunity to chase up my thesis topic, eat lunch and download all my recent course documents. Next trick will be stopping to read them.

From 2 - 3 pm I had power electronics. At this time in the afternoon my energy levels started to drop. I nearly dozed off at the end of the lecture. I was pleased to be riding back to the car as it gave me an opportunity to wake up before I had to drive anywhere..

Straight to the hospital to attend a meeting regarding my Mum. This is always a bit hard. It requires 100% attention and complete honesty while still being diplomatic.

It went ok. My fear is they will discharge Mum well before she is ready and we will end up in the same place we are in right now in a few weeks.

Hmmm, I have quite a few self doubts about some of the stuff happening regarding Mum, but I won't go into it all right now.

After the meeting we had coffee with CJ and then Mum and I collected pizza, which we had for dinner.

I had 2 pieces, which probably is more than I need, but at least it was a gourmet pizza and thoroughly enjoyable.

A quick drive to take Mum back to the hospital and then I returned for my first ever game of Warhammer. I won! I double won, because I am sharing something with my man. :)

So today, was busy, but productive. Yesterday wasn't quite as fulfilling but I did organise that some lovely people come to the college meeting and teach a class on a few topics. I tried to do my tax last night, but my brain decided to shut down at about 9.30pm so the whole thing became a giant chore. Eventually, I gave up and saved the file.

To do list:
Bike test ride if we have time
lecture note reading, transfer files to laptop.
Soccer game
renew ANU card: done
official results sent to work: half way completed
get door fixed: not done
buy padlock for my new locker at uni: done
Organise thesis supervisor/topic: have name of convener, need to email
Organise family meeting regarding mum: done
induction training: 1/3 of the way through
Tax return: not done
Guardianship forms: not done
Uni timetable finalised: not done.
Shopping and possibly some housework.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Business as usual

Well at least I am exercising more.

I went swimming with my mother yesterday, swimming was good, steam room and sauna was nice, but fight with my mother I could have done with out.

I also rode to uni today, the ride was fantastic, but since I have stopped riding, I am finding the jumper/tracksuit combo I am wearing not warm enough. I still have my neck warmer on when inside and when outside the hat and gloves go back on as well. It is seriously cold this morning.

Yesterday, before the swim with Mum, I went to the chinese massage place. Usually they do a great job and it was a good way to fill in some of the 2 hours I had to wait for the ute to be serviced. Unfortunately, my neck is super still today. It might be the hours I spend on the laptop, which I know isn't good for it, but I like the laptop.

I am eating well and so is Y. Looks like he has lost some weight, yay!

I always said that I wanted a partner who supported my desire to keep fit and healthy and who had a similar attitude to health. They didn't need to be in peak condition, but be willing to strive for better. I think I have found that (and so much more :D ) We have swapped out sugar for stevia, which is a herbal alternative to artificial sweetner. I quite like it, but hey I have happily swapped to soy milk (aldi brand is the best) . Dinner almost every night is accompanied by a giant serve of steamed vegies. Bread is either whole grain or multi grain. I made my own museli bars, which I

I have J writing a summary of his school day for me. This is an attempt to get him to focus a bit more on what is happening at school. An attempt to make him reflect. I think it is working. I certainly find it helpful for me. There isn't a lot of information but it is more than I was getting before. I suggested he blog it, but he wasn't interested. Maybe I should start L on something similar. He started a blog, simply so he could play with the layout editor.

Tonight I have household. I did want to start an SCA project so that I can have something to work on this evening. I guess I just get that dress I started and have a look at where I am with it. May as well finally get a dress patterned to fit me exactly.

Things to do:
renew ANU card: done
official results sent to work: half way completed
get door fixed: not done
buy padlock for my new locker at uni: not done
Organise thesis supervisor/topic: not done (but will make a meeting with relevant person tomorrow)
Organise family meeting regarding mum: done
induction training: 1/3 of the way through
Tax return: not done
Guardianship forms: not done
Uni timetable finalised: not done.

and probably another 3 thousand things I have forgotten.

Up coming events:
Swim with mum
family meeting
something on saturday (movie?)
soccer & rugby games
Fighter practise on sunday

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mundane life

I am actually at university today. It is great to be back.

Things are the usual complete disarray. I have 4 subjects, the first one I cannot see online via wattle (the online system used by all courses), the second one has not ordered any text books, the third one didn't show at the given lecture time (everyone else did) and the 4th has labs and tutorials, but hasn't put them in the timetabling system.

I think I am getting immune to the disorganisation. I like to have my timetable well and truly sorted by this point, but I have no expectation of that occuring any more. My current plan is to just check the online stuff 3 times a day, well that is when I have an online page to view.

My first lecture finished early and I had an hour till my next lecture, not quite long enough to go to the car, parked 15 minutes away and collect my joggers, then go for a run, then return said joggers to car and walk back again and eat lunch.

Instead I drew up a few routes around the uni to jog. Unlike jogging first thing in the morning, jogging around the uni excites me. I am looking forward to it. A pity really that I don't have anything on tomorrow. (Eventually I will have tutorials and labs)

I think I will see if Mum is interested in going to the pool instead. My Mum is mentally ill. Right now she is in the hospital getting treatment. Her only access to the outside world is when my sister or I accompany her to something. That sounds like the place is horrible, but it isn't. She can go outside for walks and stuff, but her freedom is still restricted.

I have to take Y's car in for a service tomorrow, luckily I will get my car back tonight.

Getting the eldest to football training is going to be a challenge this afternoon, as I won't be home before it starts.

So many balls to juggle. I did remember to change my electoral details, finally. For those who were wondering, you have until thursday at 8pm to change your details, if you are already enrolled. Those not enrolled, I am sorry your out of luck, your chance closed as soon as they announced the election.

Geebus, busy but boring, thats my life. Well it is full of great people, so it isn't that boring.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The weekend.

Well the weekend didn't quite go as I had planned.

Saturday was huge, we went to the book signing and then spent from 11am to 11.30pm packing and moving most of the remaining stuff at Mawson.

We were both pretty darn exhausted at the end of it.

We came home and lay on the couch for awhile leaving the final load of stuff in the ute to be unpacked on Sunday.

Sunday I slept in, yay! Then we emptied the ute and did some unpacking. Before we knew it, it was time to go to the Rugby. I had a great time despite, the knights not really being very competitive. I am not very well educated in the history or culture of Rugby, but I do like the sport. I really enjoy watching the eldest play, but whether it is the U14's or the NRL I like the games to be clean and competitive. Luckily the company was awesome and even the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

I really did let myself slip at the football, ok well I had fish and chips for lunch and a mars bar for afternoon tea. The rest of the days food was fine, so maybe I am being a bit harsh on myself.

Today there has been no run or bike ride. I still don't have my car back. (sigh)

In fact, I felt really groggy and after getting up to look after my eldest who woke up at 6.40 am to throw up and get the youngest ready for school, I fell back into bed and slept solidly till 11.30am.

Eventually, I woke up properly. Of course, I worry about why I had so much trouble getting out of bed. Am I feeling a bit down or am I just a bit exhausted from the full on weekend?

Well, I have been up and about for awhile now. I have washed the dishes, put on a load of washing and cleaned the bathroom. I feel better but I do still have this small head ache. I have had it for a couple of days now. So, just maybe I am sick but have been to busy to realise it.

Anyway, I am going to do the vacuuming, put away some washing and read my university notes. Oh and I had better not forget, try to find out when I get my car back!!

Thank goodness for friends who can take my kids to school for me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy as per usual

Today was a day dedicated to being with friends. Good friends and I think I managed to do it without sabotaging my diet or any of my other priorities. I even managed to get some of my chores done around the house.

I ate reasonably well and had a good time being with my friends and her kids.

I have done two sessions at the pool this week, but that is all I have done for exercise this week. So tomorrow is dedicated to cleaning and sorting out Ysambart's old house. Which should be enough exercise for that day. Sunday we are going to the NRL, so I think Sunday morning will be a good opportunity to go for a jog. I shall spend sometime making sure my bike is ready to be ridden on Sunday as well.

Monday, is back to uni and still no car, so it looks like I will be busing it. I will take my runners and check out the best locations for a jog at uni. Actually running at uni will be nice, it is a really beautiful campus. A good view does a lot to improve my motivation.

I need to purchase books, spend sometime with my mum and get an official copy of last semesters results sent to work.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transportation issues

My car is getting fixed, it has been getting fixed for over a week now. All it needs is a new starter motor, but apparently these are extremely rare and hard to find when you drive one of Australia's most popular cars. Being the second highest selling car world wide, the ford focus, should be relatively easy to get parts for, right?

Perhaps it is hard to get starter motors, because starter motors should not be dying in a 4 year old car. Then again, I had to get the entire motor rebuilt last year when the car was only 3 years old. $3700 later.................

Apparently, we did too many short trips in it. Short trips! I bought this car specifically for getting round the inner city. Start stop traffic and short trips. I thought the car would be well designed for this type of driving.

Yeah, the lack of car is starting to drive me nuts. Next week is the first week back at uni and the plan was to drive the kids to school and yes it is too far for them to walk or ride, well perhaps not for the eldest. Then I was going to ride from a car park close to the youngest's school to university. That plan will not be happening. I will lucky if I get the kids to school on monday.

The ute, only seats 3 and well drives like a truck. Not to mention isn't my car and is needed by the owner, who while fond of me (one might say extremely fond) still needs the ute to get to work and move stuff in.

Logistics, life seems like one set of logistics after another.

I guess I need to ask a few favors and make things happen. Oh well, eventually I am sure I will get my car back.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There are so many aspects to my life.

Inevitably one or two get a lot of attention and the rest don't get enough.

Fitness and general health is starting to slip. I have been eating too many yummy things and I haven't been exercising enough.

My weight has crept on. I am now 61 kgs, this is officially when I start to feel fat.

The reason is competing priorities. I do great at the fitness and health thing when I am able to give it a lot of attention, but as soon as other things start needing attention I find all my good habits start to slip away.

So, maybe if I make this blog about all my priorities and stick to the discipline of blogging, just maybe I will be able to keep track of them all a bit better.

Family - Children
Family - Everyone else
Fitness & Health
SCA heavy fighting
College of St Aldhelm

Yep, I think that is most of it.

Plans, I have plans.

Like riding the way to university and going for a run at lunch time.
Eating better, packing lunch and being good.
Working continuously and starting stuff early.
Being organised and remembering to delegate.

I manage to achieve a lot, but I hate it when things slip.

My health is slipping and it is time to get back on top of it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I need a new helm

One of the hardest pieces of equipment for a new heavy fighter to get organised is their helm.

Sometimes you get lucky and someones old helm they just having lying around fits your noggin. As simple as that and your well on your way to getting your kit together, usually you aren't lucky.

I was lucky, well at least I thought I was. It seems though, that after extended wear the helm I have isn't very comfortable to fight in.

So, it is time to get a new one. One designed to fit me.

The first step is too decide on what sort of helm and I really don't know. Basically, I just want it to be safe, comfortable and functional. Still, I know that won't be enough to get my helm built so time to hit the interwebs, books and the people I know.

I plan to keep everyone posted on how this process goes and maybe other new fighters might be able to get something from it.