Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Business as usual

Well at least I am exercising more.

I went swimming with my mother yesterday, swimming was good, steam room and sauna was nice, but fight with my mother I could have done with out.

I also rode to uni today, the ride was fantastic, but since I have stopped riding, I am finding the jumper/tracksuit combo I am wearing not warm enough. I still have my neck warmer on when inside and when outside the hat and gloves go back on as well. It is seriously cold this morning.

Yesterday, before the swim with Mum, I went to the chinese massage place. Usually they do a great job and it was a good way to fill in some of the 2 hours I had to wait for the ute to be serviced. Unfortunately, my neck is super still today. It might be the hours I spend on the laptop, which I know isn't good for it, but I like the laptop.

I am eating well and so is Y. Looks like he has lost some weight, yay!

I always said that I wanted a partner who supported my desire to keep fit and healthy and who had a similar attitude to health. They didn't need to be in peak condition, but be willing to strive for better. I think I have found that (and so much more :D ) We have swapped out sugar for stevia, which is a herbal alternative to artificial sweetner. I quite like it, but hey I have happily swapped to soy milk (aldi brand is the best) . Dinner almost every night is accompanied by a giant serve of steamed vegies. Bread is either whole grain or multi grain. I made my own museli bars, which I

I have J writing a summary of his school day for me. This is an attempt to get him to focus a bit more on what is happening at school. An attempt to make him reflect. I think it is working. I certainly find it helpful for me. There isn't a lot of information but it is more than I was getting before. I suggested he blog it, but he wasn't interested. Maybe I should start L on something similar. He started a blog, simply so he could play with the layout editor.

Tonight I have household. I did want to start an SCA project so that I can have something to work on this evening. I guess I just get that dress I started and have a look at where I am with it. May as well finally get a dress patterned to fit me exactly.

Things to do:
renew ANU card: done
official results sent to work: half way completed
get door fixed: not done
buy padlock for my new locker at uni: not done
Organise thesis supervisor/topic: not done (but will make a meeting with relevant person tomorrow)
Organise family meeting regarding mum: done
induction training: 1/3 of the way through
Tax return: not done
Guardianship forms: not done
Uni timetable finalised: not done.

and probably another 3 thousand things I have forgotten.

Up coming events:
Swim with mum
family meeting
something on saturday (movie?)
soccer & rugby games
Fighter practise on sunday

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  1. Saturday Reminder: Test filming for the medieval movie.