Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There are so many aspects to my life.

Inevitably one or two get a lot of attention and the rest don't get enough.

Fitness and general health is starting to slip. I have been eating too many yummy things and I haven't been exercising enough.

My weight has crept on. I am now 61 kgs, this is officially when I start to feel fat.

The reason is competing priorities. I do great at the fitness and health thing when I am able to give it a lot of attention, but as soon as other things start needing attention I find all my good habits start to slip away.

So, maybe if I make this blog about all my priorities and stick to the discipline of blogging, just maybe I will be able to keep track of them all a bit better.

Family - Children
Family - Everyone else
Fitness & Health
SCA heavy fighting
College of St Aldhelm

Yep, I think that is most of it.

Plans, I have plans.

Like riding the way to university and going for a run at lunch time.
Eating better, packing lunch and being good.
Working continuously and starting stuff early.
Being organised and remembering to delegate.

I manage to achieve a lot, but I hate it when things slip.

My health is slipping and it is time to get back on top of it.

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  1. I hate it when unimportant things get too much priority. That will be one of the things I watch out for...