Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy as per usual

Today was a day dedicated to being with friends. Good friends and I think I managed to do it without sabotaging my diet or any of my other priorities. I even managed to get some of my chores done around the house.

I ate reasonably well and had a good time being with my friends and her kids.

I have done two sessions at the pool this week, but that is all I have done for exercise this week. So tomorrow is dedicated to cleaning and sorting out Ysambart's old house. Which should be enough exercise for that day. Sunday we are going to the NRL, so I think Sunday morning will be a good opportunity to go for a jog. I shall spend sometime making sure my bike is ready to be ridden on Sunday as well.

Monday, is back to uni and still no car, so it looks like I will be busing it. I will take my runners and check out the best locations for a jog at uni. Actually running at uni will be nice, it is a really beautiful campus. A good view does a lot to improve my motivation.

I need to purchase books, spend sometime with my mum and get an official copy of last semesters results sent to work.

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