Monday, July 19, 2010

Mundane life

I am actually at university today. It is great to be back.

Things are the usual complete disarray. I have 4 subjects, the first one I cannot see online via wattle (the online system used by all courses), the second one has not ordered any text books, the third one didn't show at the given lecture time (everyone else did) and the 4th has labs and tutorials, but hasn't put them in the timetabling system.

I think I am getting immune to the disorganisation. I like to have my timetable well and truly sorted by this point, but I have no expectation of that occuring any more. My current plan is to just check the online stuff 3 times a day, well that is when I have an online page to view.

My first lecture finished early and I had an hour till my next lecture, not quite long enough to go to the car, parked 15 minutes away and collect my joggers, then go for a run, then return said joggers to car and walk back again and eat lunch.

Instead I drew up a few routes around the uni to jog. Unlike jogging first thing in the morning, jogging around the uni excites me. I am looking forward to it. A pity really that I don't have anything on tomorrow. (Eventually I will have tutorials and labs)

I think I will see if Mum is interested in going to the pool instead. My Mum is mentally ill. Right now she is in the hospital getting treatment. Her only access to the outside world is when my sister or I accompany her to something. That sounds like the place is horrible, but it isn't. She can go outside for walks and stuff, but her freedom is still restricted.

I have to take Y's car in for a service tomorrow, luckily I will get my car back tonight.

Getting the eldest to football training is going to be a challenge this afternoon, as I won't be home before it starts.

So many balls to juggle. I did remember to change my electoral details, finally. For those who were wondering, you have until thursday at 8pm to change your details, if you are already enrolled. Those not enrolled, I am sorry your out of luck, your chance closed as soon as they announced the election.

Geebus, busy but boring, thats my life. Well it is full of great people, so it isn't that boring.

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