Thursday, July 22, 2010

lazy friday?

So today has been super packed.

The usual 7.30am start, making lunch for the boys and myself, helping the boys get breakfast and getting them ready for school.

School run, then onto university. With the bike still in the car, I rode from the carpark which is about a km from uni and had enough time to claim my locker.

Then to my first lecture. It was engineering law, which is an interesting topic, taught by a lecturer with a big personality. This is both good and bad. The lecture was purely introduction, but gave a feel for the style and prepared us for what we will expect in this course which is different to most of our other courses. Of course, my next course was also not a typical engineering subject. Engineering management was also different and interesting. I had managed to get a coffee after the 2 hour law lecture and take something for the tension headache that developed so I was a bit more interactive in management than law.

Then I would normally have signals, but today was cancelled for some reason. This gave me an opportunity to chase up my thesis topic, eat lunch and download all my recent course documents. Next trick will be stopping to read them.

From 2 - 3 pm I had power electronics. At this time in the afternoon my energy levels started to drop. I nearly dozed off at the end of the lecture. I was pleased to be riding back to the car as it gave me an opportunity to wake up before I had to drive anywhere..

Straight to the hospital to attend a meeting regarding my Mum. This is always a bit hard. It requires 100% attention and complete honesty while still being diplomatic.

It went ok. My fear is they will discharge Mum well before she is ready and we will end up in the same place we are in right now in a few weeks.

Hmmm, I have quite a few self doubts about some of the stuff happening regarding Mum, but I won't go into it all right now.

After the meeting we had coffee with CJ and then Mum and I collected pizza, which we had for dinner.

I had 2 pieces, which probably is more than I need, but at least it was a gourmet pizza and thoroughly enjoyable.

A quick drive to take Mum back to the hospital and then I returned for my first ever game of Warhammer. I won! I double won, because I am sharing something with my man. :)

So today, was busy, but productive. Yesterday wasn't quite as fulfilling but I did organise that some lovely people come to the college meeting and teach a class on a few topics. I tried to do my tax last night, but my brain decided to shut down at about 9.30pm so the whole thing became a giant chore. Eventually, I gave up and saved the file.

To do list:
Bike test ride if we have time
lecture note reading, transfer files to laptop.
Soccer game
renew ANU card: done
official results sent to work: half way completed
get door fixed: not done
buy padlock for my new locker at uni: done
Organise thesis supervisor/topic: have name of convener, need to email
Organise family meeting regarding mum: done
induction training: 1/3 of the way through
Tax return: not done
Guardianship forms: not done
Uni timetable finalised: not done.
Shopping and possibly some housework.

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