Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More stuff

Well I have been running my route at university, 2 days in a row now.

It is a really nice run, although my body is complaining now. I hate that despite eating well and exercising heaps more I haven't lost any weight. It is always the way with me. Weight loss is incredibly slow, but I do know that eventually I get there. It is just a I have quite a way to go.

Guardianship papers are nearly finished, I just need to talk to my sister.
I need to get some cash out for L's excursion tomorrow morning. Luckily, I will have the time with the only thing I need to do is to go swimming with Mum, well the only official thing. I still have to clean, cook, wash and study.

I haven't been able to ride to uni the last 2 days due to clashes. Monday I stay at uni and go straight to college. I don't leave until about 9pm so that combined with needing to take armor with me makes riding impractical. At the moment I have a late lecture on Tuesdays, which means I need to get home in about 2ominutes so as to get J to his training. Unfortunately I can't ride that fast, I am not sure I ever will.

So thursday will be my only day of riding this week. Friday I have swimming with Mum in the afternoon, so I go straight from Uni to the hospital, where I collect Mum and drive to the pool. Unless, I get a bike for Mum, riding is impractical that day as well.

Eventually though, tuesdays lectures will move and I will be at uni on wednesdays, so I will get 3 days a week of riding in. Combined with regular runs, I will be definitely be getting fitter.

Still, it isn't bad to start off a bit slow after a long break. I know my body is in a bit of shock at the moment.

Now all we need to organise is for Y to see a doctor about his ankle and fix his bike.

Then we will both be doing a lot more exercise.

I think I am starting to get a routine that works. This makes me very happy.

Upcoming Events:
Friday evening, family games night
Saturday: soccer, gardening, little planes
Sunday: rugby, fighter training.
Monday: Physio appointment

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  1. Family Games night. Much nicer. I called it Friday night fight :)