Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transportation issues

My car is getting fixed, it has been getting fixed for over a week now. All it needs is a new starter motor, but apparently these are extremely rare and hard to find when you drive one of Australia's most popular cars. Being the second highest selling car world wide, the ford focus, should be relatively easy to get parts for, right?

Perhaps it is hard to get starter motors, because starter motors should not be dying in a 4 year old car. Then again, I had to get the entire motor rebuilt last year when the car was only 3 years old. $3700 later.................

Apparently, we did too many short trips in it. Short trips! I bought this car specifically for getting round the inner city. Start stop traffic and short trips. I thought the car would be well designed for this type of driving.

Yeah, the lack of car is starting to drive me nuts. Next week is the first week back at uni and the plan was to drive the kids to school and yes it is too far for them to walk or ride, well perhaps not for the eldest. Then I was going to ride from a car park close to the youngest's school to university. That plan will not be happening. I will lucky if I get the kids to school on monday.

The ute, only seats 3 and well drives like a truck. Not to mention isn't my car and is needed by the owner, who while fond of me (one might say extremely fond) still needs the ute to get to work and move stuff in.

Logistics, life seems like one set of logistics after another.

I guess I need to ask a few favors and make things happen. Oh well, eventually I am sure I will get my car back.

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  1. We need to make sure that I can ride to work by getting a practice run in on the weekend.

    Likely Sunday morning.

    Then you can squeeze the three little commuters into the ute.

    A week for a starter motor is rubbish though. Sigh.