Saturday, July 24, 2010

What it is all about.

Yesterday was awesome.

It started with L's soccer. The game was very fun and the boys played really well. I think Mum quite enjoyed it as well. Then we had lunch at my place. Very yummy chicken and avocado sandwiches.

Next, L and I went for a ride around Ginninderra creek. It was lovely. The sun was low in the sky and everything was beautiful and green.

The wonderful day was finished off with a visit to a friends place. Sitting talking and drinking tea. I couldn't ask for more.

Things to do:

Guardianship papers for mum
organise a doctors appointment
lots of housework that probably won't happen.


  1. Yeah, the chance to just sit and chat without external time pressures was wonderful.

  2. It was grat to chat without looming time pressures.