Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trail mix

My trail mix is a combination of dried fruits, pepitas, goji berries and nuts. (no peanuts)

I am certain that I have a larger serve of this than I am really accounting for. I am not going to change this unless I find that I stop getting results.

Weightloss is not my primary goal, but being healthy is.

My trail mix is at the moment an important ingredient. I take exactly 2 handfuls (I have small hands) and it is full of great nutrients oils and a little protein. More importantly it fills me up and doesn't leave me feeling hungry unlike a lot of other snack foods.

Museli bars are all about the carbs.
Fruit is all about the fructose.
Vegetables are great, but don't initially satisfy.

I only have one serve a day and it works for me.

Sometimes it isn't about the calories. Sometimes it is about what those calories are made of.

So I am going to keep having my snack, unless I stop getting results.

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