Friday, July 24, 2009

Has pack horse tendencies.

I bought 6 text books today!

Big text books and they hurt. Thats not even accounting how much pain it was paying for them.

You see I don't park close to things because I don't like paying for parking and I think the exercise will do me good. Actually, I just don't like driving round looking for a carpark.

At uni I park a good 1o minutes away. So being the very clever well planned individual I am, I decided to go to the book store at 9am and buy my books straight away. You know making sure it didn't interupt with the rest of my day. Except, I hadn't considered how bloody heavy the books would be. I brought an extra bag, so I knew on some level I would be carrying a lot, but it didn't quite sink in.

Ug, carrying the books and my laptop around all day and then to the car was pretty darn hard. Still at least I get the benefit of having done more exercise today.

Incidental exercise they call it. Incidental exercise cannot replace proper scheduled exercise, but it does help. I think it is why I never got really obese.

My tendency to volunteer to help, never afraid to walk somewhere, happy to go out of my way and inconvenience myself for the saving of a dollar or to help someone else.

Babies, bikes, folding chairs, music gear, text books. Yeah I love to lug things.

Do it, look for more ways to increase the incidental exercise you do everyday.

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