Friday, July 17, 2009

I am fit strong and healthy.

Well, I didn't do weights, I left the sheet with our statistics from last time at home.

So, we did a pretty strong cardio session. 10minutes of warm up and 50 minutes of somewhere to 60- 80% full on .

I ran level 9 for 15 minutes and covered the entire 2.4 kms in 17 minutes. It is going to take me awhile to get that down to the time I want, 12.5 minutes. 15 minutes might be a good interim goal.

Weight isn't really dropping, but I do feel trimmer and stronger.

Back to the gym tomorrow for a weights session, then maybe cardio on Monday, but I might give it a break till Tuesday.

I am enjoying the rowing machine, it isn't as hard as the first time I tried a rowing machine years ago. Just shows that I am indeed stronger than I was then.

I am happy with my food intake. Still not having 4 serves of vegetables a day, but I managed 3 yesterday and have already had 1 today and know that there will salad at dinner tonight.

I am going out to my sisters place tonight. Time to prepare for a family dinner.

Remember that it is all about breaking the routine. If I stop overeating when I am at family dinners, eventually I will stop associating the family get together with eating too much or more importantly eating dessert.

Tonight I know exactly what is on the menu which makes it easy to prepare for.

I need to avoid the garlic bread and the dannish. Also if any unexpected yummies turn up, I just need to remind myself of my goals. I am fit strong and healthy. Fit strong and healthy people don't eat junk. Fit strong and healthy people don't comfort eat. Fit strong and healthy people don't binge.

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