Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skinny Fat

Which of the following has more than a quarter of their body weight as fat?

Trick question because they all do. Personally, they look pretty good to me. I would say that I am flabbier than all 3.

I found a home body fat test, that will give you an approximate estimate of your body fat percentage.

My result was not very good. Still it is exactly what I expected. My estimated body fat percentage is 27% and should be between 15% - 23 %. The women above have from 29% to a whooping 39% body fat. One way of determining if you have a high fat percentage is that waist to hip ratio. A healthy amount of fat is akin to a ratio of less than 0.8. Being skinny but having a high fat percentage is called skinny fat.

I am skinny fat.

Yep, I am my ideal weight, but I am too fat. I keep saying it, being fat isn't about a single number, it is several factors. I am getting fitter, but I have a way to go. I think even at my lightest my fat percentage is still relatively high.

Previously, I had always lost weight focusing on my diet. Sure I exercised, but not like I am now. Now I am going hard. I break into a sweat and don't stop until 50 minutes later. I push my limits until failure point. This time I will build muscle and lift weights. I have to say it feels great.

I was watching Biggest loser and several contestants had a bad week, Jillian pulled them aside and it was revealed that they hadn't eaten enough that week. They had starved themselves, further slowing their metabolism.

Eating is important, if you are embarking on a diet, make sure you are eating plenty of food. A diet should not be hard to maintain because you need quite a few calories to survive and those calories add up to a lot of food if you are eating well.

So, I am going to make sure I am eating lots and keep exercising. This is great statistic to have gotten as I think it is a much better measure for want I want to achieve.

27% and there I was feeling good about myself. 27% body fat and only about 58kgs. The scales lie! Maybe not lie, but it really isn't the whole picture.

I ran at level 9.1 for 13 minutes yesterday. I have come so far and yet I have so far still to go.

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