Sunday, July 12, 2009

My goal.

You know those women, those impossibly fit women. Not the ones in the movies or magazines, no those real women that prove it can be done. I want to be one of them. You see them in the mall, you see them at your gym, you see them on the push bike in the bike lane next to you as you drive to work. Those women who contradict the voice in your brain that say it is ok that you aren't very fit, no one is really that fit. Except there they are everyday people keeping fit and looking great. I want to be one of those people. I am not overweight, I am not unhealthy but I know that in 2 years I will be in the military and expected to do my job under extreme conditions. I need to be fit and I want to be fit. So I can feel strong and so I can feel confident about the way I look.

Everyone needs a goal. It should be something personal, something that makes sense for you. I indentify strongly with strong women, usually tom boys, who are independent and do things for themselves.

I hope though to focus more on what I need to do to achieve my goal and maybe anyone else who struggles with motivation, no matter what their fitness goal, will get something from it.

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