Sunday, July 26, 2009

Food - survival in suburban jungle.

So how is the modern day amazon surviving in a suburban jungle?

With vigilance she ignores the constant messages to overeat. With focus, motivation and well practised moves, she dodges familiar patterns to binge eat. Ok, serious now.

I bought some rye bread today and cottage cheese, which is much yummier than it sounds or appears. My fave breakfast is natural museli that has almonds and cranberries and puffed wheat, it is awesome and available from aldi.

I usually have this with 100g of low fat fruit yoghurt. It is really yummy and very satisfying. While there are lower calorie breakfasts, I find this one works well for me. I love to indulge in the carbs for breakkie.

So why the rye bread? Because I don't want to get bored of my favourite breakkie. I am going to have toast with cottage cheese and some 100% fruit jam. Slightly more calories than my normal breakkie, but nothing that can't be handled.

Ohhh, Iason is massaging my neck. Wonder what I did to deserve that?

opps back to the journal.

I am not getting very hungry, which is good, right? Well maybe not, real hunger at regular intervals indicates a fast metabolism. Mine doesn't seem to be speeding up. On the other hand I don't think I am eating too little, so hopefully my body will respond soon.

I also bought dried cranberries to go in my trail mix, except I didn't notice that they were sweetened. Shouldn't be a huge problem, but I will look for unsweetened ones next time.

I am going to chop some vegies for the week ahead, but I am procrastinating, because that will require me to go into the kitchen and face the mess in there. V8 tetra packs are good for packing in my lunch, but chopped vegies are better and cheaper. See that there is planning ahead, an absolute necessary.

I indulged a little yesterday, with a thai chicken burger. It had a mayo style sauce, but the chicken breast was grilled and I enjoyed every last bite. Lots of compromise has been made on getting friday takeaway, with the childers, wanting their usual weekly junk food instalment. In a change in attitude for me, I decided that this was not going to work. Sure I can get a healthy alternative while they eat, but I feel a bit ripped off and secondly why can't they benefit from a healthy eating as well? No good reason. Fast metabolism and active life style aside. Eating Maccas or KFC isn't good for them. If they want to eat that they can do it when I am not around.

So we got chinese takeaway. I had beef and black bean, boiled rice, steamed vegies (heaps and heaps) and a tiny serve of noodles. Everyone enjoyed the meal and I love chinese vegetables.

Just because I want to eat well doesn't mean I need to sabotage myself or let others sabotage me.

I am happy with level of strictness to my diet. I really feel it must be something I can maintain and isn't making me feel deprived.

See bad eating habits is a giant problem for me, but women can defeat these things. Just don't give up.

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