Sunday, July 12, 2009

Canteen duty - busy days

How did I go today?

Today, I have eaten the correct calorie intake, but I could have had a more balanced diet.

Instead of having breakfast within 3o minutes of getting up, I headed straight out of bed, 4.30 am and headed straight to the airport. As I had a busy day ahead of me, I came home and went back to bed to get more sleep. A few hours later I woke up, trying to eek as many minutes sleep out as possible I got up at the last moment. A quick shower and an up'n'go breakfast shake and I was out the door.

9.30am I was at the footy club canteen selling absolute junk food to the local punters. OK, not all the food is terrible, but it ranges from not so good, to bloody terrible for you.

I refused to eat anything there and told myself that I would go somewhere nice for a nicer meal later. The good side to this, is that while it isn't exactly cardiovascular, I am on my feet for several hours (4 1/2 hrs) , which is good for me.

I was home by 2.00pm, where I grabbed a handful of trail mix.

3.00pm I was in a cafe having my breakfast. Now I didn't make the healthiest choice on the menu, but seeing I had eaten next to nothing all day I sat down to a big breakfast. This meal would be fine if it wasn't for the buttered toast and the bacon. Poached eggs, orange juice, tomatos and mushrooms are all pretty good choices.

As that meal pretty much used up all my Calories for the day, I satisfied my night time cravings with a protein shake (no sugar, low carb) and some vegetables.

It was a challenging day, which could have been dealt with better, if I had bothered putting some planning into the day. Usually, I would have started the day with a proper breakfast, taken some healthy snack options and a protein shake for during the day and finished with a proper dinner at night.

Overall, I am happy with the way I handled it.

I do wish the gym was open later on the weekend as I was unable to attend the gym and won't get an opportunity to go until probably thursday night. Oh well, study and children do happen.

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