Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not feeling very strong right now.

I ate too much for dinner.

Tonight we got turkish takeaway, which should have been a meal that I enjoyed but didn't feel guilty about.

I made a quick decision when the food arrived that I should just let my hair down and enjoy myself.

Why does enjoying myself involve eating too much?

There were lots of things to choose from, lamb kofta, chicken kebabs, salad, beans, rice, potatoes, zuchini puffs, dips, pide, stuffed pide and balaklava. MMMM balaklava.

I piled up my plate with a desert spoonful of each dip, rice, chicken, kofta, zuchini puff, salad and beans.

My mistakes:

I ate too much. I put too much on my plate. Next time I will keep my serving to a normal size.

When choosing dip I didn't think about the amount of bread that I would need to go with it to eat it. Next time just have one flavor dip, or skip dip altogether. If I am having bread then I don't need rice. Way, way too many carbohydrates. I know better than this.

Do not eat the deep fried zuchini puff. Yes it is yummy, but it is full of saturated fats and carbohydrates. It wasn't more yummy than the other healthy options.

I also had baklava. Which I don't think was a mistake as such. I enjoyed the baklava. I just wish I hadn't eaten so much before then.

Things I did right:

I didn't eat the stuffed pide, which is basically as good for you as pizza is.

I ate a lot of vegetables, I didn't eat everything on my plate and noticed that I was feeling full.

I didn't eat any chocolate, but I nearly did. I was on a bit of a binge. When that happens it is a case of one in, all in. Except I wasn't enjoying the chocolate, so I stopped eating it.

The results:

I feel sick. I have indegestion. That is what happens when I overdose on carbs.

I feel a bit guilty, worried about if I have lost focus. Worried that I it will take me longer to lose the fat.

I must remember that sometimes it is ok to eat something a little unhealthy, but that doesn't mean I should just go all out.

The two above leave me thinking that it would be easy to throw it up. I really do feel ill. I do though know that isn't a healthy way to deal with overeating.

So what is a healthy way?

Learn from it. Plan for next time.

If I am going to allow myself a bit more leway on my diet I should decide on 1, possibly 2 special things, otherwise eat as much as I would normally. Keep the portions low. Remember bread and dip is filling and I don't like the feeling of eating that much bread in one sitting. Skip the dip, or limit myself to just one dip. Avoid the high carbohydrate things. Stick to the meat and vegetables.

I really hope it doesn't effect my progress, I suspect it won't. One meal in the overall scheme of things is nothing.

So I screwed up, lets hope I have learned from it and won't have it happen again.

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