Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recovery week

Before we started our new program we needed to make sure we were fully recovered from all previous training, so last week was recovery week.

It was a great time figuring out what our maximum weights are and maximum speeds for cardio.

For instance level 10 on the rowing machine is really easy for me, even at 40 strokes per minute. Yay me.

Diet has been really easy to stick too. I did indulge last night in homemade cherry crumble and icecream, just a small serve that tasted good, but I did feel very full afterwards.

Otherwise, my food intake and what I have been eating has been easy to maintain. I do need to chop veggies today to prepare for next week.

The chopped veggies trick is working so very well. If I need to munch on something guilt free, there is an easy option all chopped and ready for me in the fridge.

My knee is hurting. This is disapointing for me. I won't be running for a little while, just to make sure it has plenty of time to get better. The thing is it doesn't hurt when I run, but I know it is the running doing it. I just want to train. I want to keep making gains and I feel so good about going to the gym, I don't want to stop. Emotionally I feel fantastic after a work out and I hate that the gym closes by 1pm on a Sunday. I could really go for a light session today.

I found I could sustain level 12 for a minute on the treadmill, which I am happy about. I am sure I could do it for longer, but the idea is to do 1 minute fast and 1 minute walking. Level 10 on the bike was manageable as well. Seems nothing is too hard, but I think the high intensity running did hurt my poor knee. :(

I just need to let it get better, so I will stick to the bike, eleptical and rowing machine for now. Not going just isn't an option.

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