Sunday, August 2, 2009

Much better.

Today I ate well.

It was another busy day at the canteen. I took my trail mix and a protein shake.

The protein shake failed. The protein solidified in the bottom of the cup resembling clag.

Breakfast was a bacon and egg roll, which would be better if not served on a white roll.

So we can home and I wanted something for a late lunch. With a fridge full of delious fresh dips, carrot, beetroot, eggplant and hummus. I decided to cut up several vegetables and eat them with the dip. Yay, no over eating on the bread.

I felt heaps better, the food felt light and tasty.

Dinner was a small portion of pide, salad and vegetables. In total 4 serves of carb plus some sugar in the dips.

Not enough protein, but there was some in the nuts, hummus, and the pide (which contained cheese and meat)

At the end of the day I feel satisfied and healthy. Yesterdays fiasco processed and moved on from. No baklava either, even though there was plenty left.

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