Friday, August 14, 2009

Science and study.

Things have been going pretty well, although I missed wednesdays work out and had a chocolate tasting session instead. It was for Science!!!

Really it was.

I don't think I had too much, but still more than I normally have which is zero.

I am tired from way too much work to do, but I still plan to head to the gym tonight. I am super satisfied with my life, although it was funny on thursday morning I felt fat because I had eaten chocolate and not gone to the gym. It was all in my mind, a small serve of chocolate and missing one work out will not make me fat, but I felt guilty because I didn't follow my plan.

There were reasons, good reasons, but I do wish my personal goals hadn't taken backseat to other things.

Other than that, I have managed to make being fit and healthy a priority.

It feels good to have started the new program and I am keen to do my measurements.

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