Sunday, August 23, 2009


My tummy doesn't sag anymore.

Ok that isn't quite true. It does sag when I bend over or sit down, but when I stand up the sag is gone. Sure there is still some fat, but it is more toned and sits like a small round bump below my belly button.

I never thought the sagging would go away. Even at 52kgs, my tummy sagged, but it doesn't anywhere near as much anymore.

It is almost as though I had no change over the past month or so and then bang, my body changed.

Flat stomach here I come.

On the other hand my back has gotten bigger and firmer and my bras don't fit anymore. So I guess I will have to go shopping soon.

I bought new jeans today, size 8 which is definately a bonus. Still I am very short, I should be at most a size 8.

Yay, I am starting to get real results.

BTW: Gina Carano, sure is hot for a mixed maritial artist.

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