Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starting a new program

Iason and I are starting to take this doing weights thing seriously and are going to try a new program soon.

There are a couple of things, firstly I am not sure if this program will give me the results I want, but I think it will, but to make sure I want to monitor things properly.

I have done a more thorough measurement of my statistics, so that I will know if I am getting the results I want. Some of them may not mean much to you, but they make sense to me. I have measured my wrist and ankle because they are places where you show fat accumulation.

If I am doing this right, these shouldn't get larger.

weight: 59.4kgs just drank 750ml of water.
dressed and shoes.
Chest 83cm
under breasts 77.5cm
Waist fattest bit 88cm
waist thinest bit 79cm
tummy fat hip bone to hip bone round the fat bit 30cm
fat bit of hips 99cm
upper thigh 58cm
knee 37.5cm
calf 39cm
ankle 22cm
bicep 29.5cm

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