Monday, August 10, 2009


I have been feeling a little bit sick. Not a lot sick, but a little bit sick.

Yesterday I was due to start the new program, but with a massive headache hitting me in the middle of the day, it was decided that I should probably not push it.

But I wanted to go. It was frustrating.

Tonight we are going, no matter what. I have been patient, but I really want to get into this new program.

My body is starting to change, especially around my tummy. I love being able to say that, usually the last place I get results is around the mid riff. The scales don't show any difference, I am tempted to do my measurements, but I know I will see a bigger more definate change if I wait a month. So I will wait for that.

My ribs stick out more. Before you could see a rib just below my breast, now I can just see my lower ribs starting to poke out. I feel so much sexier. Apparently my colar bone has become more prominent and my shoulders are bigger, I haven't really noticed these changes, but Iason has so I will take it all as good news.

Well I need to finish making dinner, we are having corned beef tonight, of course I won't be having white sauce. Yum yum.

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