Sunday, January 31, 2010

Failed at gym

Today I planned to go to the gym, but rather than do it first thing, as I normally do. I decided to do it after I got a few other chores done.

Of course by the time I had finished running around, it was 2pm and then I procrastinated the day away until now.

At least I have fighter training tonight. I feel bad, the weekend was full of chocolate indulgence and I missed my yoga session. Now I have missed the gym.

Tomorrow, I have a 9.30 am kick class which should be awesome. It will be my first time at this class.

I also have a counselling session tomorrow and I really should put some thought into what I need to talk about. I have been a bit teary the last few days. There is something being processed in my brain.

Tomorrow the boys go back to school and at least I have all their stuff ready and labelled. So, I could argue that missing gym was for a good cause, but I could have done both. Just slack. Everytime I slack off, it effects the way I feel about myself. I am feeling rather unlovely today. My tummy feels fat, my arms look pludgy ( at least to me) and OMG look at all that celluite.

There is a balance between motivated with out being so hard on myself. I just haven't found it yet.

Oh well things to do. I really need to work on my defense tonight. I'll let you know how the kick class goes.

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  1. I know the head space battle to keep exercising, keep pushing, and keep improving! You look beautiful to me, and that is a combination of the body and the spirit that pushes the body.