Sunday, January 10, 2010

My sword

My sword has been planed, shortened, hand grip adjusted and thanks to a friend had the basket hilt replaced.

It is now significantly lighter, but I still tire quickly. Nothing that a bit of practice won't fix.

I love my sword. :) I love my shield

and the rest of my armor is working pretty well, as well. Now, all I need is a helm. Easier said than done.

I need to read the combat rules because very soon I will be authorised. Yay excitement.

I weighed myself today, 55.8 kgs. Crazy, I have lost weight. I blame it on stress.

I am loving going to the gym, always a good feeling. Today is a good day. I should read the combat rules, but I am in the mood for sewing. Later tonight I am going to a friends house to work on some stuff in the armored rose. A book dedicated to the female heavy fighter.

I am a bit skeptical. Sure men and women are different, significantly, but different men can be significantly different. Different body types, different attitudes. I don't think there is any one single right way. Your body, is individual. I listen to all advice, but the best advice I have had so far. "If it hurts you are doing it wrong".

Listen to your body. Sure maybe I might not have 100% correct technique, but I plan to do this sport with out injuring myself and if my body protests (you know real pain not muscle exhaustion pain) I won't do it that way.

This has got to be true for all people, male or female. Still it is all knowledge and knowledge is useful. So, lets learn it.

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  1. In the Armoured Rose: The wrist thing is cool, and will make you look at everyone differently for a while :)