Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am authorised

All this fighter training was leading to the goal of being authorised.

Last Tuesday I achieved this goal. Authorising means I know enough to make informed decisions about my safety and not be a danger to others.

So now I am authorised I can play this game properly. Today I am off to war.

War in the SCA, is a team sport. Most of my training has been so far one combatant against another and I tend to think of tourney fighting while I am training.

War, on the other hand is where one army lines up against another and we try to kill each other. All the usual team sport benefits apply. Working together, communication, tactics and probably best of all, camaraderie.

This will be my first war as a heavy fighter. Lets hope I don't stuff up to badly.

I'll keep you updated.

I haven't done much other exercise this week, other than a pool session with my Mum and training. My plan is to get back into the regular swing of things by Wednesday. I am going to give myself 2 days to recover from the weekend. Maybe hit the gym for a light cardio session on Tuesday.

My brain is slowly adjusting to the in rush of hormones and I am settling into a new stage of my life. All pretty exciting really.

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