Monday, January 4, 2010

My first time

As you try to work out what goes where and slowly place each piece it starts to dawn on you. Oh my god, I am really going to do this.
Then the adrenalin hits, as you reach the last piece, there won't be any excuses now. Now or never. The fears rush over you, what if I am crap, what if I don't have it, what if they laugh?

You pick up your sword and shield, then realise you need to put your lanyon from your sword on your wrist first. I hope no one was looking.

One deep breath and I am there. Throwing my swings wildly, putting way too much shoulder into every throw. Trying way too hard. First time nerves are showing.

I have zero defence, I receive several headshots, they don't hurt, but they do ring. I realise my shield moves too slowly to even try to stop the shots.

It doesn't matter, I was crap but it doesn't matter. I loved it every moment, being tired in a way I have never felt tired before. Hot and sweating, smiling, learning, moving, judging the other. Everything about it, fantastic, amazing. I don't ever remember feeling so pumped before.

My first time in armor was great.

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