Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love and stuff

It is 37 degrees today.

I feel rather lonely. Only to be expected in fact my counselor predicted as much. So far, I have refrained from throwing myself at the first guy who shows any interest and been a little more selective about whom I throw myself at. This method does not provide much instant gratification. So be it, that is what shopping for, isn't it? Maybe not, but I need a new vacuum cleaner, so shopping it will be.

I did Yoga today, it was awesome and just what I needed.

I have been enjoying my birthday indulgences, but I don't think I have gone too far. Banana cake is good!

Sigh, I do wish this leaving your husband business was simpler. You know, less emotional.

Oh yeah, I am independent. I can do what ever I want, it is just sometimes it is nice to be able to turn to someone else, someone you know wants you too, but I won't be making a compromise this time, I won't give up myself entirely just to stop the loneliness.

My goodness it is way too hot!


  1. Whoever decreed that compulsory summer events needed to be in the calendar should be shot. When is January in Australia NOT going to be hot? Mmm, Melty.