Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well my reason for a late night pig out was confirmed today.

Definitely, feel less strong at this time of the month.

I did my usual step class today. It nearly killed me and yet at the same time, I really really enjoyed it.

I read about these people who are doing hard core personal training sessions and I wonder why PT's need to push people's limits so much.

Sure, I am all for pushing past your limit occasionally, but you can't do that everyday of every week. You will break your body or your spirit. Once in a while just to prove to yourself that you are stronger than you thought, but every time you step in the gym?

I have made changes that will last my life time. I did it slowly and gradually. With slow, gradual and healthy results. I can maintain this level of commitment and this rate of improvement. If I tried to go too much harder, I don't think I would maintain it.

No exercise tomorrow. Sunday, yoga and fighter training.

I love life.

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