Friday, January 1, 2010

New years

I had a great new years eve party. I really enjoyed myself, indulged and drank a lot. So instead of feeling good about my great night, I feel well kinda down. Hence my last post full of insecurity and feeling sorry for myself.

Trying to take care of myself again. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour, eating well and not sleeping in too much. Hopefully, I will be back to my go getter best any day now.


  1. Good luck with that. My body clock is currently completely whacked. Tonights plan is to have the few drinks after dinner and get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

  2. Well my body clock is so well set I was awake by 8am new years day. I stayed awake till 11pm then went to bed, exhausted. 3 hours sleep does that too a person.

  3. 2am is a reasonable holiday hour. Tonight I need to be in bed by midnight. Hear me, me! By midnight! 7am rise Monday.