Monday, February 1, 2010

If I had known.

If I had known how today was going to be, I might not have jumped out of bed with such enthusiasm.

Kids to school: First day back, I always find myself a little nervous sending my kids back to school. What if I have forgotten some crucial item that leads to their social downfall? Getting the right hat, clothes, shoes all so important, in the world of a teenager, luckily not so crucial for the primary schooler.

Kick class: It rocked, I rocked. The class is great fun and I will be doing it again as soon as possible. I love the whole pretending to beat some imaginary foe up.

Check in on Ex: blerg, not happy with stuff, but it doesn't really effect me so why do I care?

Lunch with my sister: Discussion, how to deal with my mum and her not taking her meds. My mum has schizophrenia and she has been progressively getting worse. I would like to pretend that she isn't, but she is.
A plan was thought out and the whole meeting was really productive, but it is hard sometimes to deal with this stuff, harder still when I am dealing with it, with my sister. My sister and I don't have an easy relationship.

Counselling: Lets put it all together shall we. I feel responsible for other peoples happiness. How well is that working for me? Well it isn't. sigh............. especially my sisters happiness.

So a very useful day, but I have opened an emotional can of worms which leaves me feeling very raw. I have some thinking to do.

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  1. Heh. I think we might have another reason you like me - my default setting is happiness :) I'm one less stress. Hurrah!