Thursday, February 11, 2010


Recovery is something that needs to be managed.

What I eat needs to managed to only soft and squishy until at least a week after the surgery. Yummy porridge for breakfast and Yay to boyfriends who bring me baby food. :)

What meds I take needs to be managed. I had been given codeine to help with the pain, but I was taking way too much and was suffering from nausea, faint and feeling generally like crap because of it. Dosage is down to none during the day and 1/2 a tablet at night to help me get to sleep.

Now that I am keeping things down, the antibiotics should start to work. I am also trying to take arnica tablets to help with the bruising and probiotics to replace the healthy bacteria, the antibiotics are killing off.

Watch what I do, what I eat, where I go, can I drive? You get the picture. The whole is rather tiring. Not to mention I suck at being a patient, in that I have no patience. None what so ever.

Why does getting better have to hurt and why does the stuff that stops the pain have to make me feel worse?

and I whinge and worst of all, as soon as I feel the remotest bit better, I start doing stuff again.

Yesterday, dye fabric, cut padding, change sheets, fold washing, wash up, make dinner, paint stuff, make lunches, sort washing, general tidy up. Not really a lot, but still more than I should be doing. I can't help it, the house, it needs work.

So new goal, get better. Implement plan get better, which involves rest, more rest and if in doubt rest.

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