Friday, February 26, 2010

False starts.

This week seems to have been a week full of false starts.

This week, I was meant to slowly get back into my gym routine and return to my regular eating pattern, except I didn't really manage to do this.

There was the apple crumble and ice coffee blow out earlier this week, followed by my sausage sizzle and cider blow out, followed by todays date & coconut deliciousness, sigh.

but, it isn't all bad. I have managed to keep quite active. I have been to yoga, a 1 hour light gym session, 1 hour walk and 35 minutes interval training tonight at the gym.

More importantly, after the date and coconut deliciousness, I went to the medical centre where I work. I have to have yearly health check and mandatory vacinations, the process is incredibly thorough and makes me feel like my body is an asset the Army intends to protect. Not a warm cuddly feeling, but I still kind of like it.

and it made me think.

My body is an asset and I should treat it like one.

It is a mind set that works for me, I am not sure it would work for others, but for someone like me, who likes to be practical and finds great personal satisfaction in working hard, I get that I should look after the asset.

So, I have a new mindset and so far it is working. Diet has been great, I put myself to bed for an afternoon nap (because I am getting a cold) and went to the gym tonight to keep myself in shape. I don't find that exercising makes my colds worse, in fact stopping the exercise tends to make the cold worse, so I got a good sweat and enjoyed that endorphin rush.

Now, post work out, I have showered and lathered my body in cocoa butter. Next relax with a good book and herbal tea, yep I know how to treat an asset . :p

Oh and I have a new work out buddy, all I need to do now is get him to join the gym, I am not sure of my chances of getting that one to happen.

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