Monday, December 7, 2009


So this morning was resistance training in the morning and fighter training tonight.

My resistance training is made up of 3 different work outs. 1 is body weight, using push up and the like. One is free weights and asymmetric work. One is weight machines, concentrating on pushing the numbers.

Today was weight machine day. This is an workout that requires little thought, technique while always important is hard to screw up while on a machine. I did quite well, with a few number increasing. One of two more reps here and there. All good.

Fighter training was awesome. I am starting to understand basic technique. Starting to get it into my thick skull. My sword is really to heavy for me and I am definitely going to do something about it. Firstly, I will make the sword I have work as well as I can, if it is still bothering me I will have to think about making another one.

The other major project is getting my armor together, which is coming together nicely. I am very excited about it. Soon I will be able to go full speed and enjoy the pleasure of being hit and hopefully hitting my opponent.

My shoulders and neck are sore tonight, so I will probably get a massage tomorrow. Recovery is seriously important, otherwise I will break.

Emotionally, I am feeling much better tonight. So I guess we could say I went to a third type of training today as I also attended a counselling session. I felt like I achieved a lot and have a plan. I like plans.

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