Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Injury - alert.

So there I am sound asleep in bed and my mobile phone rings. On some instinctive level I hear the phone, leap out of bed and before I have even raised consciousness properly I am saying hello.

This ability to jump to action without actually being awake is something I learnt by becoming a mother.

It has its downfalls, in that I don't necessarily need to leap out of bed and probably should have just gently climbed out of bed, so that my foot would not have twisted oddly causing me to strain my foot.

I am pretty sure it is just a strain. No swelling, not a lot of pain, but I guess I will be putting less weight on my foot for awhile.

I missed yesterdays gym session due to lack of sleep, so today because I have the time, I am going to do a double session, cardio and resistance. I just need to work out what cardio I can do on my foot. I am hoping I am up to the rowing machine, but we will see how it feels.

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