Friday, October 23, 2009

Dating Ettiquette

So what is general dating ettiquette?

Any suggestions

and in particular, what do you do if you find yourself possibly interested in a few people. Are you allowed to go on a date with each one and see which one you like most?

It just seems a tad, well, wrong. Falling in love shouldn't be like shopping should it? At least not for groceries, maybe for shopping for shoes, where you might just fall in love with a pair on site, but you know better than to just buy them without seeing if they fit first.

Still, I really don't know what is considered good form. I certainly don't want to compare a personal and intimate relationship with shoes. Don't get me wrong I like shoes, but they are functional, relationships are far more aesthetic at least in my world they are.

Arghhh it is a mine field out there. Wish me luck!

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