Saturday, September 5, 2009

slipping a little

Well I haven't posted for awhile.

At first it was because everything was going fine and what can a person really add to that, but I have noticed a few bad habits slip back in.

I did have my usual menstrual based cravings, but I am still being a bit hungry for sugar. I missed my vegies one week and my vegies went off last week so that isn't tracking as well as it should either.

I only got to the gym twice last week, so I haven't increased the number of times I go yet either.

Sigh time to step it up a little. Sure I quite like the results I have gotten, but I can't take them for granted otherwise I will start going backwards and I really don't want that.

On a positive note, I ran into an old school friend and they did notice the weight loss.

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