Friday, September 11, 2009


As you might know I have been reading this blog.

It is a really great source of motivation. The best thing is how she refers back to how she used to feel.

Now I have never been quite as large as her, but I was really out of shape and frumpy, especially after an extremely stressful time in my life.

Me cutting a 10 year olds cake.

I always knew I could be more, that I should be more. That I shouldn't accept the way I was and even though my husband told me he loved me and told me I was sexy, I just didn't feel lovable or in the least bit sexy.

Your own opinion of yourself matters so much. I don't think it is enough to just accept the way you are, because the reality is I was right. I was overweight, I was unfit and as a result I was unattractive and moody.

You have to face the truth and then make the changes you believe you need to make. This applies to everything in life. If you don't like something, do what ever you can in your power to change it and yes have the wisdom to know what you can't change. For example my breasts are not going to get bigger, unless I invest some serious money into them.

Now I feel a lot better about myself. Sure I still have my unsexy days, but I am more confident. When young men flirt with me despite my age, I am indeed flattered, if not perplexed, but 4 years ago that didn't happen because I wasn't looking after myself.

Would I have believed that men 15 years younger would find me attractive 4 years ago? Not on your life.

Do I want this attention, not really. Still if I had a choice of being older and unfit without any unwanted attention or older, fit, confident and having to deal with it, yeah I choose the latter. Seriously, who wouldn't?

Yes, that is me cutting a 13 year olds birthday cake. Amazing what difference just 3 years can make.

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