Monday, September 7, 2009

Great day

Food has been balanced and healthy.

Best of all, I did a run tonight. I haven't run for a few weeks as I have the occassional knee problem.

So, instead of running I have been riding, rowing and using the eliptical machine. I have been building my leg muscles and taking glucosamine, for my joints.

I noticed yesterday that I hadn't had any kind of joint pain in ages. Not even the teeniest twinge. It is normal for me to get a sore knee after a long day on my feet, but it has been fine lately.

The other thing I have done is bought several new pairs of walking shoes. My very old sneakers are still in my closet, but I suspect they might be the cause, as I injured my knee while wearing them.

Anyway tonight I ran, no I didn't just run, I did my interval training. My god, it was hard. I got a stitch, but I ran through it. I felt my muscles burn and I wasn't sure I could do a full 20 minutes, but I did.

Yay me!!!

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