Friday, September 11, 2009


I haven't had a great week foodwise.

I am mostly back on track, but geez am I getting hungry.

Now this makes perfect sense, I am exercising more, building muscle and doing everthing to speed my metabolism up. The thing is I want to reduce my body fat and I am tempted to ignore the hunger pangs and not eat, but is this the path to a slower metabolism?

I suspect that if I try to lower my calorie intake or even not increase it, I will indeed lose weight. For awhile. Then when I eventually listen to body complaining about being starved I will go and eat more and have it all turned to fat, with a slower metabolism.

What to do?

I had some home made crumbed fish as a snack tonight. I feel bad even though fish is for the most part a healthy food.

Breakfast was 2 pieces of toast (wholemeal) with 100% fruit spread and margarine. (lots of fat)
MT was nuts and dried fruit, one handful.
Lunch: cheese and ham sandwich . (low fat cheese)
AT: yoghurt, carrots, oh and some brownie. sigh then 3 large left over chips.
Dinner: pie and snow peas.
Supper: fish

Ok, now I look at it I really have eaten a lot and not all of it great and I am still hungry. Genuinely hungry, not bored hungry or sugar craving hungry, real need to eat hunger. I even woke up with hunger pangs this morning.

Right I think it is time to add a protien shake to my daily intake, that way I will be getting my extra calories that I obviously need without searching the fridge for something else to eat. (and possibly ending up with a brownie)

I think I will try having it in the evening, sometime between dinner and afternoon tea, or after dinner. Soon I will start working out earlier in the day so after my workout will be perfect.

BTW I am now using Musashi P3as my protien shake, it has lots of whey protein which is fantastic for you, much better than the cheaper soy protein most shakes use. Not the cheapest option but not the most expensive either and has the practical advantage of being sold at my local woolworths.

So tomorrow I will shake it up and see if this helps.

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