Thursday, August 26, 2010

The week ahead

I have been busy with assignments. My body can't decide whether it is sick or not. Every so often I feel incredibly tired and my head hurts and then the next day, I feel fine. Possible causes: bad nights sleep, stress, depression, not enough sun - see depression, fighting off various virus's (mostly successful) or body exhaustion from the gym.

Honestly, who knows. I have missed 2 gym sessions this week, but I did go to the killer session on Monday and Yoga on Tuesday.

Lab report 2 is done!

Next week is big,

Monday: signals assignment, power hardware lab
Tuesday: Management Marketing stuff.
Wednesday: team meeting, signals clab.
Friday: Quiz

Mum is doing ok, but still in the grip of her illness.
Y is still sick, I hope he gets better soon.

Well I had better go make lunches.

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