Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sport and games.

It is interesting to note that my performance at looking after myself is directly proportional to how much I blog.

The last week, has been, ok. Not great on the exercise and eating front, but not terrible either.

We had a fantastic weekend.

L had his soccer game, which was a tie and very exciting. He nearly scored a goal after weaving his way up the field through 3 different players. It was his first time as a striker too!

J had his Rugby game, which they lost. Still J scored a try and didn't reinjure his ankle injury from a month ago. J is having a bit of a rough time of it physically and emotionally at the moment. He has a few GF issues, but I am sure he will work it out. I was pleased to see him eventually confide to me a bit about what was going on. Ahhh teenagers.

Friday was the first "family games night". Y and I took on the J & L alliance. They played orcs and lizards, we played chaos and empire. Yes we know empire and chaos wouldn't normally form an alliance, apparently the empire were under a spell. Any way, we lost and the boys won. Everyone had fun, so perhaps we all won.
Saturday was little planes. L had a wonderful time, actually we all had a wonderful time. Our hosts were lovely and the company fantastic. I will miss these sorts of weekends when things get busier.

Sunday, was wet, so I decided no training. Instead Y, me and my mum went swimming. Yes it is a heated indoor pool and the steam room is a good antidote to Canberra weather.

Wednesday night Y, L and I played Talisman, of course the game did not finish before bed time. I happily surrended, Y and L had a fight to see who was the winner. It was Y. His troll was super over powered. For some reason my prophetess ended up with 9 strength, very bizarre and L's monk never really ramped up.

Which brings me to today. I am about to attend a women in technology luncheon and tonight we have a household meeting. I have decided to get brave and cook. As long as everyone doesn't get food poisoning, it will be alright. I hope.

I have finished my tax.

To do list:
Get Bart to repair his bike, so we can do test ride.
send off completion of mandatory training dec
Choose a thesis topic
double check uni timetable after changes
organise going to La prova dura

Things coming up:
Swimming with Mum: friday
Friday night games night: more Warhammer fantasy. (let us know if you are interested)
Soccer: Sat
Rugby: Sun
fighter training: Sun
drinks with uni friends: Saturday
Family meeting: Tues
Group meeting: Wed
women in tech meeting: Thursday

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