Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stuff and things.

I have been being good and going to the gym regularly and I have found a useful tool for tracking my food.

Both  combined seem to be working. I am getting stronger and leaner again. YAY!

I really recommend myfitnesspal. I love the way that on the days you eat to little it tells you how bad that is and on the days you each more than you plan, you might still find you haven't eaten enough yet to put on weight, just that losing it is slower.

The dress, the one I have been talking about for ages is in several pieces on my table. Now I just need to get my sewing machine fixed, or find one to borrow, or hand sew it (yeah right).

I am loving yoga. While working out at the gym is improving my strength and cardio, I seem to get greater gains from yoga. Thankfully, I finding it less taxing on my system and I capable of doing stuff the next day, rather than feeling completely wiped. Exercise not only works your muscles, lungs and heart, but all your systems. Yoga seems to especially work those secondary systems, like lymph nodes etc.

I have given up the morning starts and I am going to the gym more often. I have heard that exercise in the morning is better for you, but I think actually being able to face the day is better.

My mum and a friend join me regularly, so everything health wise is going great.

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