Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No more exams

Today I finished my last exam, for the year.

Tomorrow I can move fitness and health higher up on my priority list, which coincides with the arrival of the lite n'easy food. I am curious how well it will go as I am not going to be able to eat it every day. I am going camping on the weekend.

Still I want to make good food choices while I am away. Just because I am on lite n' easy doesn't mean I have to forget everything I have learnt about what I should be eating.

More focus on exercise, more on training and more on doing stuff for me because it is what I want and yes being fit is something I want.

My results are out on the 30th of November. For someone like me the results are what it is all about and yes the destination is what drives the journey. Sometimes the journey is boring and requires hardwork. Sometimes the journey is exciting, but best of all is where I end up. It is the path less traveled which leads to the most exciting adventures.

Everyone else lines up for the quick thrills, I am after long term rewards.


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