Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rowany Festival

Once a year over Easter, the largest event in Lochac is held, Rowany festival. There is rapier, archery, heavy and war. There is Art, science, feasting, dancing and boffer fights. It is huge and it is fun!

I haven't been, since I can't remember when. It was great to go once again after such a huge break.

The funny thing about Festival is that when I went previously, while it was fun, it never quite lived up to my expectations, well except for my very first experience and now this one. Of course, this time I was a heavy fighter and this helped make things a lot of fun. I may just be becoming a bit of an adrenalin junky.

The best thing for me about festival was war. It is a lot of fun, even though I am small and able to be pushed aside fairly easily. The point is, you don't need to be good, to feel like you can contribute.

I have to admit, I was very prepared, I brought nearly every vitamin & herbal remedy known to man to help keep my body fighting fit. I drank lots of water and ate reasonably well.

Apart from the one night of heavy drinking, I looked after myself. Note to self, to prevent bf from searching the entire encampment for you when you said you were going to bed, let him know of the change of plan. While Bf, was very happy to see me when he finally found me, because I was upright and not flat on my face in a dew covered field somewhere, it can't have been good for him.

It was great to see old friends and to see my barony (Polit) stand against the rest of the kingdom. I even received my award of arms, which means I can now call myself a lady, yes, even though it is quite obvious to those who know me that I am in no way a lady, I can now call myself one.

Festival, was also the big relationship test. Seems this relationship needs a lot more than sleep deprivation, stress of being Marshall is charge, flat car batteries and blown tyres to even start to test it. :)

Life is great, except for the pile of washing in my laundry, that isn't so great.

Anyway, back to study, exercise and eating well. Ok, maybe tomorrow.


  1. 真正的友誼,有如健康失去時,始知其價值 ..................................................